Shalom Beinenu
8 Hartom St
PO Box 45145, Jerusalem 91450 Israel
Tel: +972-2-582-8888, Cell: +972-54-770-6811

Shalom Beinenu is a non- profit, non-political organization dedicated to encouraging peaceful interactions between religious and secular Jewish communities in Israel. Our aim is to encourage mutual understanding and tolerance among the myriad social groupings and philosophical outlooks that shape the Jewish People.

We believe that we are all part of one people bound together through a common heritage and history. Our goal is to include people from all social circles and philosophical and political opinions. Shalom Beinenu strives to reduce tension between the secular and religious communities in Israel but not to change anyone's religious or political opinion. Since the organization's establishment in 1999 we have benefited from the overwhelming support of Economic, Academic and Community leaders.

Over the past two years this non-profit organization has been working with thousands of backpackers visiting India, through the promotion and development of the eighteen Chabad Houses in the country. The Chabad Houses, supported by the “Shalom Benenu (Peace Between Us)” organization, provide the backpackers with assistance in every possible field, from rescue in cases of emergency to Shabbos and Holiday meals with a special Jewish-Israeli atmosphere.

Inside the Chabad Houses in India, a surprising connection between the religious and the secular is being formed. Feelings of unity and harmony emerge, stemming from our being one single nation.